Adrien Pavao

Data Scientist - PhD student - Freelancer - Musician



Welcome to my personal website! I have gratuated from University Paris-Saclay in computer science and machine learning in 2018. Right after that, I became an independant freelancer and worked closely with INRIA, Chalearn and Google, to organize challenges on CodaLab, a platform hosting data science competitions. Today, I am research engineer and PhD student at LISN, under the supervision of Isabelle Guyon, a.k.a. the "Queen of Challenges" and co-inventor of SVM. In this context, I continue organizing machine learning challenges, and I have a role in the development and the administration of CodaLab. My research topics include the methodology and experimental design in machine learning, the performance comparison between models and the organization of competitions. I try to answer questions such as: how to fairly rank classifiers? Which scoring metric is the most robust? How the tasks should be designed in order to reduce potential biases? I tend to treat the field of artificial intelligence as an experimental science, and to get my hands dirty by directly diving into implementation. I am also a music lover, producer and composer. Thanks for reading!

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